The beach league has come to a close and I am thrilled with all the children’s efforts and hard work throughout the 3 weeks.

I am thrilled to announce that the U7s A, U15s A and U18s A all came out as champions of their group.

Swalings U7’s finished top with 6 points, U15’s finished top with 8 points and U18s finished top with 6 points, winning with a better goal difference.

We will be holding the award ceremony for all the winning teams, Best Goal Keeper, MVP (picked by the referees) and Top Goal Scorer at Deluxe cinema on Saturday October 1st, 9:30am sharp.

The U9’s U11’s and U13’s finished bottom of their groups.

U7’s match report and Round up.

Both U7’s managed to play a game finally on the last day of the tournament.  They played Villa who had a mix and match team of U7’s and U9’s, we just wanted the kids to play.  The U7’s A lost 7-1 with Luke Rogerson scoring our only goal.  The U7 B team did a little better losing only 1-0.  Jordan Cuffy and William Sanford played out of their socks and Zena Benjamin, our sole girl representative for Swalings, had an incredible game in goal in the first half.

Like I said in previous emails, the U7’s were a delight to watch, constantly playing with smiles on their faces and just glad to be chasing a ball around.

U9’s match report and Round up.

Swalings lost their final game 8-1 to the hands of Villa.  When I managed to pop over, I believe our passes were crisper and far more dangerous.  I believe though we lacked the “killer instinct” in front of goal and the self belief to win these games.  It is something that we, me, the parents and players must adopt to become a force to be reckoned with.  Tayquan Harris scored our sole goal.

If we can instill the winning mentality and be more clinical in front of goal, I believe this team, in the future, could win all before them.


After such a fantastic performance last week, our mission now is to find consistency and not be intimated by the size, power and speed of our opponents. We have to understand, as I was explaining to Micha after the match, its not about how tall or how fast they are, its about how big your heart is, can you over come them with determination, commitment, desire and use fast thinking and feet to win.

It’s not the size of the dog in a fight, it’s the size of the fight in a dog.

We lost our final game 7-1 with Ashur Hector scoring our goal.


The U13’s only had 2 players of that age group with the rest made up from the U11’s.  However it was a great learning curve for the U11’s to know what to expect.  However the same as above can be said.  The boys need to know how to play “rough” and how to play clinical.  If you are being pushed, push back, if you are being niggled at, let them know that it wont happen.  Make sure your first pass is a good pass, make sure the first header is won by you, make sure that the first tackle is strong, fair and lays down the challenge.  Going to my rugby days, I was always told, hit them hard the first time and they’ll think twice about coming back down your way.

Manav Sindhi, Gabriel George and Kheon Williams got our 3 goals.


What the U9-13 miss the U15’s A have in abundance.  In every game they went behind to go on and win.  In this weeeknds game they went down 4-1 before I switched Tarik Williams from goal into midfield.  Tarik added the bite we needed scoring a hat trick in the mean time.  Joshua Gardiner pulled it back to 2-4 before NCJ scored the 5th.  Tariks hat trick took us to penalties.  However, their fight and determination managed to get that draw, as it was only with 15 seconds left on the clock we got the equaliser.  Donte Pierre scored our winning penalty before Tarik got low to save NCJ third kick.

The U15’s A managed to win all three games and this was down to their desire, skill, passion and hunger to win.


Going into the final week, all 4 teams were tied on 3 points each, with goal difference separating them.  Swalings A and Swalings B played the second game, having watched Villa Lions beat Pigotts. Swalings A and B both knew they needed to score a multiple amount of goals to be champions and by gosh did they go at each other like hammer and tong.  The A’s took the lead 2-0 through D’Vontt and Seth, however Tarik and Malique showed the same determination from the U15 games to pull it level.  However the skill and speed at which the A team moved at is what seperated them.  Pinging the ball around as if you were watching a pinball machine, the A’s stormed into a 8-2 win, at some points the B team were like training cones and could hardly get close to the ball.  When they did though, they peppered the A team goal from all angles, but Vashawn managed to deal with all kicked his way.